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Sprüced Autocare Products is the result of over 50 years of combined experience and passion in Protecting, Tinting and Maintaining vehicles to keep them in pristine condition.

After years working in both local and international markets, the team behind Spruced Autocare Products have scoured all corners of the globe to bring to Australia the latest and most technologically advanced products available for vehicle Protection, Window Tinting and at home Maintenance.

  • Graphene coating
  • Interior Protection
  • Window tinting
Pennant Hills Toyota


Schmick Members will be able to drive with the peace of mind knowing that unforeseen minor cosmetic scratches, dents and scuffs, caused by everyday travels, can now be repaired from just $50 per repair.* Additional advantages include booking repairs through our dedicated member’s App, and having our mobile technicians undertake repairs at member’s convenience at their home or place of work.

Here’s why you should invest in a Schmick Scratch and Dent Repair Membership. Easy process for requesting repairs Trade qualified technicians

  • No loss of vehicle
  • Unlimited number of minor repairs
  • Low repair fee
  • Maximise resale value
  • Limited lifetime warranty on repairs
Pennant Hills Toyota

Iroad Dashcams FX2

IROAD is the world’s leading dash camera manufacturer with the highest number of car cameras sold worldwide compared to any other global leading brands.

IROAD is well known for engineering highly reliable, high performing cameras that never disappoint. Their systems include components of the highest quality ensuring the cameras do not succumb to exposure of very hot temperatures. IROAD is now one of the leading dash camera manufacturers across the globe.

Pennant Hills Toyota


Increased strength and extends the life of your windshield. Our formula molecularly alters the surface of the glass, making it stronger and able to withstand more abuse than untreated glass. Using propriety nano-chemistry originally developed for the space program, IntegraShield penetrates deep into the micro crevices of glass, chemically bonding to its surface. IntegraShield creates a molecular bond that seals microscopic surface pores.